The first Greta Van Fleet studio album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is out!

Greta Van Fleet’s “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”, rock and roll is very much alive!


Greta Van Fleet - Anthem Of The Peaceful Army
Greta Van Fleet – Anthem Of The Peaceful Army


Friday 19th October has seen the debut on record stores’ shelves across the globe of “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”, the long awaited debut album by Greta Van Fleet.

The debut album from the eagerly celebrated young band from Frankenmuth is finally here and it’s a joy to the ears.

This album is definitely one for the ages, especially for aficionados of classic rock and roll without distinction, fathers, mothers, nephews, children, brothers and sister, grandparents nonetheless.

Guitar riffs exploding through the amps, booming beats shaking the percussion kit, added to one of the most appreciated and envied vocal chords in the entire music panorama make of this album a pearl worthy to be kept in cellophane, as “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is definitely going to become a rarity for collectors in due time.


Greta Van Fleet is a modern, millennial take on classic rock’s golden age, unapologetically nodding to blues-rock oldies like Cream, Vanilla Fudge and the titan to which the band is relentlessly compared, Led Zeppelin. In the hands of GVF, the stuff is as much mystical as muscular, typified by the two songs that bookend the new album, the patchouli-scented “Age of Man” and “Anthem.”

Their purity and youth, demise any sense of danger that comes to those who attempt to mimic the greatness of success of bands of a not so recent musical era, proving that “the more you love, the more you know” as sang by lead singer Josh in the track “Beauty lives in every soul”.

“There’s something about that inner child, a spiritual element to be connected to the inside. You allow yourself to let loose and be liberated — that’s rock ‘n’ roll”

Following the global success of the band first two EP’s “From the Fire” and “Black Smoke Rising”, GVF Anthem of the Peaceful Army is set to be the definitive consecration of this young ensemble of brothers, fit to fill the hearts of rock lovers for the years to come.

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